Hot Deal

Offer Valid: 08/08/2016 - 08/07/2037
The prep for financial planning is critical.
Before you actually do financial planning whether on your own, with your existing advisor or a new advisor; there are several critically important tasks that must be done. 

1) Document what is most important to you about money and far beyond.

2) Dcoument each tangible financial goal.

3) Understand where you are now financially.

4) Document your current providers.

5) Describe your expectations and communication style with your advisor.

We call this the "Discovery Meeting" and we are willing to conduct this for any person or couple at no cost or expectation of doing business. It's a fun meeting because it's all about you, what's important to you and your goals. Very few people ever get this done.

This is NOT a presentation. We will answer questions at the conclusion of the meeting, if you have any.

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